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My Top 5 Product Must Haves For Winter - Zxaar Hair
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My Top 5 Product Must Haves For Winter

My Top 5 Product Must Haves For Winter

With winter a full gone conclusion and only 4 weeks till Christmas, I think it’s fair to say our hair takes quite a battering. Whether it’s harsh weather and the cold to hot or the non-stop Christmas parties and social gatherings. But fear not I have put together a list of products your beauty cupboard should have this winter!

1) ICON India Shampoo and Conditioner £39

What makes this my winter rescue?

I have to say the India range is a favourite of mine and that’s because it’s an all rounder. Known as the Pure Shine Shampoo & Conditioner it’s great for all hair types, the India range is packed with antioxidants that can rejuvenate even the dullest of hairs. It also is great to sooth the mind as well as your hair with it’s sensual smell of Amber. I find this is a great one at Christmas because of its smell. The whole India range is based on ‘Hair Yurvedics’ that is an ancient practice that captures the essence of health and tranquillity. India does this through the power of oils to heal; these oils are Moringa, Argan and Amber.

Can be purchased at Zxaar Hair

2) India 24K Masque £32

What Makes This My Winter Luxury Item?

Can you tell that I love the India products yet? Well I think it says it all in the name, this thick like double cream masque has a glittery & shiny gold colour and is packed with pure gold micro-burst beads that hydrates, nourishes and strengthens. This beautiful and luxury product is packed full of super ingredients of Moringa, Argan, Amber, Coconut and Olive Fruit Oils. Perfect to restore them tresses this winter.

This is also my Christmas star buy & can be purchased at Zxaar Hair Reigate

3) Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil £22

What Makes This My Winter Must Have?

Anyone that comes into the salon knows this is an absolute favourite of mine and here’s why. I use this one on everyone, as it’s great for all hair types. Especially great for those with fine hair, as you can’t over do it due to it ultra fine micro mist. Even fine hair needs hydration! This is normally used as a finishing spray but I have found that its much more versatile than that and can be used wet, before using heat or as a finishing spray. As we go into the party season our hair goes through a lot of styling and the Bamboo Kendi Oil helps to keep much needed moisture in, with it instant absorption. So order it now!

Can be purchased at Zxaar Hair Reigate Or

4) Alterna Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray £27

What Makes This My Winter Party Hangover Cure?

This spray is the love child of hair spray and dry shampoo, which to me makes this the perfect day after the party product. So if your style from the night before needs just a little adjusting or you just don’t have enough time for a wash and blow-dry then this is the product for you! I love using this when I am doing curls and waves in the salon on clients, as it acts like invisible scaffolding due to its bodybuilding polymers, which stops the hair from clumping together.

Can be purchased at Zxaar Hair Reigate or

5) Alterna Caviar 10-1 CC Cream £25

What Makes This My Winter Miracle?

Well you have all heard of BB creams so why not apply that to hair products? This is your before styling product and offers 10 benefits in 1 easy step. This fabulous product is a non-sticky creamy texture that doesn’t weigh your hair down. It’s great smoothing and softening properties make it good on it’s own or as a primer, and it doubles as a heat protector!

Can be purchased at Zxaar Hair or

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