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What's an easy everyday style? My own style as a hairdresser. - Zxaar Hair
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What’s an easy everyday style? My own style as a hairdresser.

I love my life but sometimes I just don’t have time for myself especially to do my own hair, and this is more and more common for the average woman nowadays.

So the burning question….. How do I get a salon look in no time at all? (to be honest I’d settle for a half way decent, I don’t look like I only got 4 hours sleep so couldn’t be arsed to wash my hair look!)

Thankfully I was blessed with a decent amount of hair but this can have it’s pitfalls, and it’s wavy but not so much at the front. So when I have only 10 minutes to blow-dry and style, all of those things can get in my way! Then I found salt spray, god’s most blessed creation for me and here is why…. I can go from a half straight, half wavy crazy mess to beautiful textured waves in 7 minutes, a miracle has happened! And its all thanks to 3 easy things; salt spray, diffuser and a quick & easy process.

My point to this is, as a hairdresser I am often asked how to get styles at home that are beautiful but easy & quick and people always assume that because I am a hairdresser my hair must be easy for me and that’s why it looks good and I don’t understand the struggle. Well quite frankly that’s crap, yes I have a skill set you don’t but I am still human and I do feel your pain, so I am here to help! (I hear women everywhere sigh with relief)

Rules and Tips

  1. Before we start with any styling, get over your hair woes. You’re different and thats the way we are made, just find a solution that works for you. So if your hair is fine, think about hair extensions, if your hair gets greasy easily, get a good dry shampoo. You’re beautiful!
  2. Find the right products and tools for you. Now clients say to me all the time ‘oh I’ve tried everything’, NO you haven’t. After a 5 minute browse on the web I found there a over 100 brands of hair products in the uk and similar figures for tools. I’m not suggesting you go and buy 100 + and try them all but I am saying there will be something for you, you just need to find it. Ask your hairdresser, do some research, or ask friends and family what works for them.
  3. The 2 P’s, Procedure and Practice. So you got the tools and products you like and that work well with your hair, what now? Well simple, work on it. Find some time and work on a procedure (method) that is easy for YOU! Don’t worry about what is the right way, or what someone else said is best. We all learn differently and if there is anything I have learnt with hair, it’s that there is no real right or wrong just what gets you to a beautiful finished result. Practice makes perfect!
  4. Once you found your products and tools & sorted your 2 P’s, stick with them. Stop and think before you go and buy more, just because it’s the latest trend doesn’t mean you should have it. Remember this blog post is all about saving you time for everyday, not your look for a wedding or night on a Saturday. It all comes down to that good ol’ saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” If you like your style you found and it works for you, don’t try and mix it up! Life’s too short to worry about having the latest curling device for the office or for home with just you and your baby, look good, not over done.

Follow these rules and you’ll be on the path to better hair days.

Here’s 3 of my everyday styles, the tools, the products to do them, and how long each one takes me.

Working with my natural waves.

For prep: As this style can be drying I used Kerastase Aura Botanica, which makes hair shinier & healthier due to it’s intense moisturising properties.

Taking big sections I twist them and then using the Dyson super sonic with diffuser I dry my hair to about 90% then add 2 spritz more of the beach spray and scrunch then leave. Total time 7 minutes.

I’ve got a lot of hair so washing it everyday is not always possible.

On non washing days I want something very quick and easy! So a bottle of Batiste to the rescue for oil control and texture, all over my roots and rubbed in. Then I braided from my side parting to about 3/4 of the way round, the remaining hair I put in a ponytail and braid that too. With both braids I wrap them around into a bun and pin. TIP for a bit more texture pull on each bit of the braids. total time 10 minutes.

I love that fresh flicky blow-dry that feels soft and light.

For Prep: I want as much shine and gloss as possible so I use Alterna’s Caviar RepairX shampoo and conditioner, my hair has been bleached and coloured so it keeps it healthy.

Then I apply Alterna’s Bamboo Kendi Oil while wet and rough dry until completely dry. Ready to use one of my favourite tools, the instyler. This amazing hot iron and smoothing brush in one, is easy to use and gives the most beautiful results. So taking large sections I use the instyler to create a glossy flicky finish. Total time 20 minutes.

I hope that this has inspired you to get creative with making your hair fabulous but in half the time. I’d love to see your creations and share them, or if you have any questions and need help please email them to:

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