I’m Steph the brains behind Zxaar Hair.

I started hairdressing when I was 19, a little late to the game and completely unprepared for the change from working in offices to the busy salon life. But never the less I took to it and soon found it was defiantly my calling. After working for 4 years in various salons I had had enough of the long hours, little pay but mostly the lack of care towards clients. In my opinion the clients voice was lost, and so Zxaar was born starting as a mobile business. Today Zxaar is a busy hair extensions salon that caters to most of West Sussex and Surrey, and offering something a little different. I love my job and I will always strive to not only be the best I can but to stay true to you, my ever-faithful clients. Because without you Zxaar & I wouldn’t be what we are today.

Thank you Xx